New deep-frying concept for Royal Smilde Natura

Bark Innovations has developed a new ‘tank’ for the Smilde ‘deep-frying concept’, commissioned by – and in cooperation with – Royal Smilde Natura in Heerenveen in the Netherlands. Particularly for the catering industry, Smilde Natura operates a scheme where deep frying oil is delivered and the used oil is collected.


For this, it used, among other things, the so-called Natura Large Package, a trolley made from one piece of stainless steel material.
Bark has replaced the stainless steel tank with a rotational moulded transparent tank that is placed in the trolley as a separate part. This prevents one rejected tank leading to rejection of the entire trolley, achieving considerable cost savings.
The transparency of the rotational moulded tank is also an improvement over the stainless steel version, as the liquid level can easily be monitored by the customer, partly because a capacity indicator has been applied to the tank.


There are also considerable advantages in terms of cleanliness, including a better ability to clean the rotational moulded tank because of the rounded corners, which are a characteristic of the rotational moulding process. The fully closed CDS-1 system that pumps the oil out of the tank ensures the exclusion of possible contamination during transport and when in use by customers. Furthermore, the tank and the CDS-1 system are geared to each other so that emptying the residues in the tank is optimised.


In terms of presentation and functionality, the new ‘deep-frying oil trolley’ is clearly a more modern, fresh and above all hygienic innovation compared to the old stainless steel trolley. This solution is also far more favourable from a cost perspective in terms of purchase and operation.
Initial reactions from the market have been so positive that, in addition to the current 150 litre version, Smilde Natura has decided to replace the old 200 litre stainless steel version in the same way.