Successful collaboration Bark and Kemetyl

‘Less parts and a lower weight’

It is functional, sustainable and user-friendly: the AdBlue dispenser developed by Kemetyl and Bark Innovations for passenger cars with a diesel engine and equipped with SCR technology. The patented system has only been on the market two months, but it is already a resounding success. A new pouch package for windscreen de-icer sprays, which is why product developer Jorn Veldhuis and account manager Vilmar Arduin of Bark Verpakkingen dropped in on Kemetyl in Soest in May 2016. The visit went slightly differently. ‘A dispenser for AdBlue stood on the conference table, a liquid that reduces NOx emissions produced by diesel cars,’ says Veldhuis. ‘The system consisted of twelve parts, both metal and plastic. We believed that it could be done smarter and better.’

Kemetyl decided to let themselves be taken by surprise. ‘We had been looking for a solution to make the dispenser more sustainable for a while,’ says senior buyer Ed Loffeld. ‘A dispenser for AdBlue should only be used on a connection for which it is intended, so that the consumer cannot make a mistake. And when the tank is filled, the system has to “turn off” automatically and without spilling.’ This dispenser meets all the points of the ISO standard.


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