Tube with upright and suspended features

Bark Innovations B.V. has developed a proprietary upright/suspended tube for cattle care products on behalf of Hofman Animal Care, located in Wierden (the Netherlands). Hofman Animal Care is a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of all sorts of products for cows, pigs, sheep, horses, cats and dogs. Examples include veterinary medicine, care products, fodder products, disinfectants, etc. The new tube comes in a 500-ml and a 1,000-ml version. The previous tube was only available as a 1,000-ml version that came with a normal 28/410 cap, which meant it had no upright feature. Due to the product’s viscosity, the packaging should always be kept upright or suspended in order to ensure the tube is emptied to the greatest possible extent and to increase ease of use for cattle breeders. The ergonomic design has also changed, which means it is now easier to squeeze the tube. In order to integrate the upright feature in the packaging, Bark Innovations opted for a snap-on flip-top cap from Weener Plastic Packaging Group.