From nothing to something. Anything is possible and creativity reigns supreme. The words “not doable” don’t exist during this phase. By asking the right questions, all kinds of potential packaging solutions can be created.


Supply chain analysis

We analyse your supply chain and create a basis for defining a ‘list of requirements’. We ask ourselves questions such as: where in the chain are there opportunities to create added value, where are the risks and where are the costs, and how can we proceed to minimise them? How do we then incorporate this analysis in the packaging design?


Operational implementation

We look at how the packaging design can be implemented on the (existing) filling line(s). We help you to implement the packaging design by making a quick scan of your current filling process. If you wish to purchase new filling equipment, we try to work together with your machine builder to integrally harmonise the packaging with the filling equipment.

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Brand positioning

The packaging is always people’s ‘first notion’ of your product or brand. You never get a second chance for a first impression. That is why the presentation of the packaging must be consistent with your brand positioning and people’s perception of your brand.


D(esign) F(or) P(roducibility)

The advantage of DFP is that potential production problems can be detected at an early stage of the design process. These problems can then be avoided by adapting the design. Another advantage of the DFP is that the cost of manufacturing the design is already known at an early stage. By adapting the design to DFP criteria, the cost of producing the design can be kept to a minimum without compromising on the core functions of the packaging.




The result of all the previous stages leads to the desired design. During this phase, it is important to test and engineer the ‘manufacturability’ of the desired packaging so that the packaging has the highest possible production efficiency (for series production).



A visualisation of the packaging says more than a thousand words. We supply you with detailed visualisations and animations to give you a clear idea of the packaging design.



A prototype of the packaging is an important tool when evaluating the definitive concept. The prototype is the final and often deciding factor before initiating the definitive series production. 

pilot production

Pilot production

After manufacturing the tools, the pilot production phase (the so called 0 series) is launched to check whether all the theoretical parameters will actually achieve the desired results in practice. Some adjustments may need to be made on detail level to ultimately comply with all the specified requirements. This is then followed by the definitive series production.

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