The function of packaging changes during the various stages in the total supply chain.

The packaging must therefore perform multiple functions, starting with efficiency on the filling line; protection of the packaged product (shelf life), the logistical function (distribution), information supply for users, branding, a distinctive appearance at the point of sale, convenience for the user and – if possible – sustainability.  It is therefore important to construct packaging that fulfils all of these (dynamic) functions. Many design agencies often only focus on the branding and appearance. We have an overall view of the entire chain. This makes a real difference, because packaging is not an isolated object. It is part of a process. 

Bark Innovations BV. Your packaging developer!

Probably, your packaging has functioned successfully for many years but at a certain point even packaging reaches the end of its life cycle.

From a marketing viewpoint the packaging in the retail-sector in particular must be distinguishing and tempting in the eyes of the consumer which is why we are asked increasingly by our clients whether we have ‘something new’ available.

To you, your product is unique or at least has attributes that set it apart from your competitors, then why not use a unique packaging to create added value, from which you can maximise the benefits and stand out against the competition?

Being innovative is surely the key to new successes in the future.


Knowledge and Competence as an integrated approach

Good ideas about ‘doing something slightly different’ often fail quicker than they are devised.

You know you want ‘something new’, but you have to work with designers, mould builders and manufacturers, and these parties have to adequately communicate with one another. In short, a complex mix of expertise, self interest, differing viewpoints, all invariably costing time and money; sometimes a very expensive option.

Why not set up a no obligation appointment with us and take an hour to express your ideas and requirements. This is usually all we need to become inspired!

Together we can quickly generate the initial idea and then apply our phased, integrated implementation procedures, of sketch to CAD drawing, development, mould design and, if required, UN-approval or necessary certification, keeping you in the ‘loop’ at all times. Then into production and finally, the logistics, a service that Bark promotes strongly as part of the Integrated Package.

Bark promotes your idea into your own packaging concept.




Our ability to innovate is not confined to the redesign of packaging; in fact, we focus mainly on developing innovating technologies that in some cases can be patented. We also spearhead the continuous development of existing packaging solutions. In short, the development of innovative packaging is a broad principle within Bark Innovations, and interpreted according to the motto:


‘We don’t just design, we also create’.

Out of the box

Because we understand the production techniques involved in producing the eventual product design, we are not limited by our machinery.


If a packaging manufacturer is commissioned to develop packaging solutions, inevitably it would result in a solution that reflects the manufacturer’s machine capacity. This can often be at the expense of ‘lateral thinking’, thereby negatively impacting on creativity.


In our opinion, creativity finds expression through a combination of realistic and practical approaches. Not through the available machinery.

Practical and to the point

We understand that no two projects are the same. Inevitably, the client’s perspective is the variable factor but it are their conceptual ideas that are central to the development of packaging solutions.


The essence of the development process is to meticulously map out all influences and relevant aspects. A well-considered approach is absolutely essential in this regard.

By focussing exclusively on the plastics industry, and by acquiring finely honed skills in this area, Bark Innovations possess all the necessary know-how that our clients demand. This negates the need to liaise continuously with mould makers or manufacturers regarding the design or process adjustments. We know instantly what is and isn’t possible. It also guarantees short lines of communication and maximum impact. It is not an uncommon for packaging designs to have a long ‘time-to-market’. Closer inspection of the underlying cause reveals that precious time is lost trying to liaise between different parties.


At Bark Innovations, we adhere to the proverb of ‘more haste less speed’. Nevertheless, in our experience, adopting an effective approach can also save valuable time.

Efficient and effective

The commonly-heard quote "packaging innovations and packaging developments are costly, and are therefore the exclusive preserve of multinationals" is only a half-truth but often it is the multinational company that execute these innovations. Nevertheless, Bark Innovations is convinced that medium-sized enterprises can also take advantage of innovative packaging solutions, complete with a degree of cost transparency and competitive pricing levels, furthermore, we can provide a rough cost estimate of the finished product; now that is ‘bespoke packaging’.


If desired, we have the necessary know-how to manage and oversee the entire supply chain, from idea to actual production and are able to give a clear indication of the costs involved in each phase of the design process.


In the ‘classic’ conceptual process, design, engineering, prototyping, mould making, pilot production and actual production is usually undertaken by different parties, and as a result, sometimes the costs are difficult to map out and control. Such an undertaking can be fraught with difficulties and should be avoided.


A selection of design examples can be found on our website.

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